Event Management

Create & Execute

Our team provides a full suite of consultative and logistics services to bring together attendees around the world. Our events range from sector-specific conferences, roadshows, industry expert events, conference calls to bespoke events.

Our dedicated team harness the expertise within Hendry Lane to ensure our clients can achieve the maximum value from attending events. The team can conduct statistics, analysis  and recommend goals, provide in-depth intelligence and be on-site during events to ensure smooth logistics. We also conduct ongoing dialogue with the presenters and all attendees.

Who we are and what we do


Organize full fledge Conferences including Presentations, Breakout Sessions, Archive, and Corporate Access

Corporate Access

1x1 meetings made easy
Now also virtual

Access the right people

The new world makes connections harder. Hendry Lane is here to help you get connected and build new relationships. 

What can we do for you

Ensure your presenter information is up to date. Organize your meetings. Confirm every scheduled event.